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My team & I are specialists in ethical SEO - working for SMEs, blue chips, VCs, agencies & publishers.

Our real passion and expertise over the last fifteen plus years has been in creative, yet technical online content SEO. Particularly search strategy, data attribution, and website deployments. We are driven by helping you identify, target and convert your most critical searched for topics. The best part of the job is improving search engagement, authority, referrals and ROI from websites online.

Client Work (Featured In:     )

Cancer Research UK

Content SEO:
On behalf of the agency, Adjust Your Set, Matt identified the main cancer search trends on Google and YouTube in order to improve the optimisations of new and existing videos. This improved search traffic by as much and 300%.

Chilham Bridal

Website Build / Paid Media / SEO:
Honed was approached by Chilham Bridal to setup their website, get keyword targeting in place for searches like Kent wedding dress shop. We also setup a cost effective Adwords campaign that improved website conversion. The phone doesn't stop ringing so I'm told and they now happily rank very strongly.

European Council

Advanced SEO Training:
On behalf of Emarketeers, Matt conducted a comprehensive advanced technical SEO training day for The European Council, in Brussels. The course covers off what is seen in the market as one of the most comprehensive SEO training courses in the world. Delegates from all over Europe travel to the SEO training sessions. The course itself is now in it's third year.

Mobile Coffee Bean

SEO Recovery:
Honed was approached by The Mobile Coffee Bean in order to recover their ranks in Google search. The Wordpress website had undergone a redevelopment and in the process saw a dramatic shift in search ranks. Mobile coffee van hire searches were recovered as a result of a full technical SEO audit, further keyword research and SEO optimisation.

Pan Macmillan

Technical Design SEO:
The publishers, Pan Macmillan got in touch directly to seek help in auditing the design and technical SEO elements of key pages within their headless React website. Honed then consulted in writing and via a presentation on each technical and design page feature that would enable further SEO greatness within their website journeys.

Lick Paints

Content SEO Research:
On behalf of the wonderful Penguin & Rose, Honed was asked to map all content searches that related to Lick Paints, on launch. This helped the content teams to analyse the best types of content formats, and where best to put efforts in targeting content product searches online - as well as the best categories of content to create.


SEO Design:
Pipedrive got in touch directly to seek help in designing and rolling out an SEO focused content hub refresh. The work includes advising on technical SEO elements, yet within the design and wireframe stage - to maximise the outcomes immediately rather than much much later on in the process where opportunities are often missed.

Southpaw (HK)

Webflow SEO & Website Build:
Southpaw and Honed go way back, so when asked to help initiate their new website - we jumped at the chance to help! Built on Webflow, Honed effectively managed the design, build and optimisation of the website. This included helping to identify desirable outreach targets for their domain to make sure that they were able to compete relatively soon in Hong Kong for key searches.


On behalf of The Telegraph, Matt helped to identify the main VW Commercial Vehicle search audiences: the stylists who are interested in exterior van signage and styling. Then the organisers who are interested in van racking and organising their van interiors. This facilitated a targeted volume of creative content that ensured a greater interest from the twom main relevant natural search audiences.

ACF Investors

SEO Migration:
A great Wordpress developer friend, Laura Dawaf, recommended Honed to ACF Investors. They wanted a speedy, hassle, and risk free SEO migration from their old domain to their new. The project wasn't too big at 300 odd pages, and the results came in quickly for them. Ranks and errors were tracked and monitored to ensure nothing went wrong. All URLs were paired and redirected to new pages, and the rest as they say - is history.

Visit Malton

Keyword Research / On-Page SEO:
On behalf of the agency, Zeal, Matt was commissioned to help Sir Tom Naylor-Layland and team to identify ways in which to drive more weekday traffic (both on and offline) to Malton in Yorkshire. The Keyword SEO Research revealed many new ways to attract more weekday visitors, namely creating better kids activities such as softplay. Optimisations to the Wix website boosted search traffic by 25%, this is not bad considering the platform and page builds.

Gerald Simonds

SEO Migration:
On behalf of Searched, Honed helped to fully migrate the old Gerald Simonds 700 page website carefully over to a new website, making sure not to knock any top ranks from their positions - at the same time as growing new targeted ranks that were identified in an initial keyword research strategy e.g. carbon wheelchair searches. The end result was six times the growth in search traffic for top keyword ranking targets.

Yorkshire Water

SEO / ORM / Link Building:
On behalf of Zeal, Matt helped to increase 1st position ranks by 36%. This was done by forming a keyword strategy that provided the basis of content recommendations, such as extending the reservoir hub. The site itself then became more link worthy to (for example) tourism websites, enabling us increase the domain authority by 25% via outreach.


Social Content Strategy:
On behalf of the agency, Brave Spark, Honed helped audit and pinpoint the overall most engaging communications used by competitors. This helped to form a unique award winning content offering that was previously untouched by all competitors. The content received 100,000's of views and strong UGC responses.

Bed Guru

Blog SEO:
On behalf of Zeal, Matt implemented a content SEO process that meant we could start targeting the informational searches that had the most commercial value - such as best bed for... and which bed... Over the course of 10 months this increased blog traffic by 300% and opened up a wealth of new commercial ranks and featured snippets.


Crypto SEO:
On behalf of Searched, I helped co-found the SEO of TokenTax. The SEO work created 9 times the visibility in search than the previous site, and now creates thousands of monthly targeted clicks in natural search. Shaping the visibility on high value terms such as Bitcoin Tax Software.


Google Analytics, Data Studio & Tag Manager:
The large hotel CRM company, Cendyn, got in touch for some assistance in analytics. Honed went on to help audit, recommend, resolve and implement a series of data analytics enhancements. The website analytics is now more capable of interpreting and visualising attributions.


Technical SEO & PPC:
Honed was approached by Hotelmap to setup some initial scalable SEO experiments that would then be rolled out right across the 300,000 page website. An internal link strategy that was trialled amounted to a 277% lift in search visibility. Further work is now needed to role this out right across the site.


Social Listening:
On behalf of the agency, Imagination, Honed mined large sets of conversational data about the Ford GT40 from the Detroit motor show launch. This helped to prioritise shot-listings and conversation topics about the Ford GT. Helping to hyphen press coverage and customer interest from word-go in Europe, at the Milan motor show.

Cocoon Home (UK)

Website Build / SEO:
Cocoon Home approached Honed to put together a strategy that would ramp-up leads online. Together we identified a very visual Wordpress website theme that told a great story. The website was then optimised for all the main customer search journeys such as lampshade making course searches.

British Airways

Trending / Syndication:
On behalf of Adjust Your Set, Matt helped the creatives identify the many types of Flash Mob trends that BA could implement, as well as identifying the key syndication opportunities. One of the recommendations was an orchestra flash mob. This went on to help shape an idea by the agency that received nearly 200,000 organic views for the brand.

Some Voices

London based indie choir, Some Voices, got in touch with the ambition of ranking for searches such as best choir in London and indie choir London. They needed to start building their awareness in search, but with stiff competition for professional choirs, they needed some expertise in search.


On behalf of Adjust Your Set, Matt helped identify the main Christmas search trends and then optimise all of their Christmas videos. The optimisations improved Google search traffic by as much as 54% versus the previous year.

Roope Vintage

Robert Roope was struggling to migrate their Magento site from the domain Matt helped research the traffic trends around other relevant topics and keyword targets online. He then identified all the links to the site, ready for a full SEO migration to a new domain that he recommended - This helped them target 'vintage' searches on top of their existing 'retro' legacy of searches.

Aubert & Mascoli

On behalf of the Adjust Your Set, Matt helped Aubert & Mascoli attune their Squarespace site and offering to UK organic wine search trends, for example people in the UK desire organic wine offers. It is still early days for them online but the site has been optimised to improve natural traffic.

Output Mag

Online Analytics:
Honed was approached by the online publisher, Output Magazine. They wanted someone to review and update their digital analytics. We brought their Google tracking codes up to speed, improved the scroll analytics so they could monitor content engagement rates and monitor weekly what content was working, what content categories needed attention and who their visitors really were - by demographic.

Adjust Your Set

Adjust Your Set drafted Matt in to hit the top spots in Google for shoppable video,   Luxury Branded ContentVideo Agency and so forth. The strategy was to use article lists, or Listicles to improve the depth, shares and traffic of content. These ranks continue to provide thousands of sometimes 30 minute long visitors in their hundreds per week.

Naked Jacket

Content Marketing:
As a side interest, Matt created a jacket blog years ago to coincide with the vast numbers of searches around celebrity jackets. The blog earned him a small monthly income and has teached him a great deal about more lucrative Content Marketing opportunities.


Search Trending:
On behalf of Adjust Your Set, Matt was asked to trend all the content searches that people make around moving home. This helped the creative and planning teams to prioritise the most relevant themes, helping the brand to reach more searchers stuck for packing tipswho to tellthings to do when moving and beyond.


On behalf of Adjust Your Set, Matt was asked to identify the main online music publisher influencers that Bacardi fans adored. After mining the data, a list of priority publishers and influencers were drawn up. This helped the team to seed content from a Bacardi event to the most addressable audience in the most natural way, improving the appeal of Bacardi amongst their strongest fans.

Thomas Pink

YouTube SEO:
On behalf of Adjust Your Set, Matt was asked to trend the most searched for content topics relating to shirts and ties on YouTube. Skinny Knots at the time, along with how to tie a bow tie were put forward as key topic recommendations based on the volume of content searches happening. 3 years later - these are still the most watched and searched for Thomas Pink videos on YouTube.

Carphone Warehouse

Content Strategy:
On behalf of Adjust Your Set, Matt was asked to provide a way for Carphone Warehouse to improve content shares online. The result was a content strategy structure developed to help target each of the core 16 emotions, improving the emotional appeal and therefore the sharing of their content. Simon Wheatcroft, AKA The Blind Runner was one such result of targeting the emotional lens of "Shock".

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