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Win Bigger SEO Budgets By Proving Even Bigger ROI

As SEOs we are always trying to seek bigger SEO investments so that we can achieve more backing in the work that we do. ROI is never often something that is baked into SEO work like ROAS for pay per click, and as such - SEO can have a tough time trying to show and prove a healthy return on investment (ROI).

ROI for SEO visualised

Image Caption 1: What is ROI for SEO?

The below SEO ROI Calculator (see the full calculator here) has been built to help SEOs (and theoretically anyone in digital marketing) to more easily prove the return on investment and financial value of any SEO undertaking.

In reverse, the calculator can also identify the traffic uplift targets that are needed to hit certain campaign KPIs (see example calculation here) - helping you to identify and communicate stronger cases for investment in SEO once you know what is required to make the most financial sense.

The SEO ROI Calculator

Effortlessly determine & communicate the financial projections around any SEO project:

Calculator Instructions

What happens when you input your six values?

Once the values are added you are able to see the current ROI for SEO, a projected ROI (after an expected lift in traffic once work has been undertaken), and key related financial data for this calculation, such as - the overall financial value of sales attributed to the rise... a handy addition in a boardroom situation.

Using this calculator, you can also play about with your SEO costings, conversion assumptions, product/service sale values, and types of traffic increases that would be needed to hit a KPI e.g. a projection based on a 100% lift in traffic (or a 2:1 ROI) versus merely a 10% rise e.t.c.

Calculator Inputs Explained

It should be said that this SEO ROI calculator is only for demonstration purposes. It is therefore not a complete picture of what would actually happen in real life.

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