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Keyword Combinator

An SEO tool to speed up combining keywords

As SEOs we've all likely been there - performing keyword research based on a plether of iterations, modifiers, nouns, plurals, localities, and you name it! The Keyword Combinator tool (see full tool) helps you to combine disparate sets of keyword data in such a way that no combination of keywords are left off of your research.

The tool uses a mathmatical theory called cartesian product, this means that you are more able to spot the ideal keyword combination, much faster than via a spreadsheet logic.

The best way to use this tool (see example) is to add as many modifier combinations to the first column as you like (e.g. best, cheap, mens, how to), add all of your target keyword iterations/arguements into the centre column (e.g. barbers vs hairdressers), then finally add your second modifiers (if at all needed - e.g. London, near by, services, consultant). Then once you have all your modifiers and keywords in place, you can extract all of the keyword phrase pairings/combinations easily from the tool and into a spreadsheet - ready to import into a keyword research tool for comparison, into Google Ads to target, or even straight into rank tracking to see where you're at, and so forth.

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