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Easy wins is what audience optimisation is all about. Making it easier (by continous improvement) for the perfect audience (persona by persona) to find your company in London from day 1. Through optimising content we identify and solve the big product prejudices, challenges and concerns that your customer has in order to make you memorable and highly relevant in search and social media. Honed develops content in London that: entertains, appreciates, informs and persuades your key audience personalities by conceptualising, through content and optimisations the most impactful content for their needs.


Conceptualising Content

Starting with competitor website analysis, we offer a trending service that finds all the emerging product related audience themes and trends around your business to align with. Audience psychographic analysis is what makes honed different. From London we hone into your customer's key interests in order to optimise content on an emotional level. Honed also offers social sentiment analysis that strengthens the likelihood of content that matches your customer ideals.


Easy Wins

Here in London Honed technically improves the online content of clients by applying search engine optimisation. Although not the most exciting of topics, it is one of the most important. Generating easy wins in search and social optimisation is done by Honed helping you address your customer's intent to engage with your brand. The main focus of our optimisation is improving conversion; This includes optimising content assets on your website or on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or other platforms. Applying our XML, HTML, Javascript and Flash optimisation skills is a great opportunity to generate sharper social and search discovery. Not to mention applying our analytic capabilities of making content accountable and developing air-tight content strategies from trends and trending.


Audiences On Time

Content planning is essential to content virality. Honed helps businesses in London build their own foresight into the time and places that make content broadcasts the most successful. Honed helps companies in London to listen in on the ideal pathways to core audiences. Connecting the right audiences however goes deeper into developing your content strategy, using persona identification and emotional optimisations within content to excite audiences with content. Data drilling is central to our strategic content syndication service that aims to build communities around your content.

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