I come from a White-Hat SEO background & I've worked
for blue chips, national press, ind. publishers & SMEs.

My real passion and expertise is in online content marketing, particularly strategy and deployment.
My speciality is helping people identify their most searched or talked about content marketing targets.
The best part of my job is improving content engagement, authority, shares and ROI of websites online.

Recent Work   (Featured In:     )

Cancer Research UK

Content Trending:
On behalf of Adjust Your Set, I identified the main cancer search trends on YouTube and improved the optimisation of new videos. This improved search traffic by as much and 300%.


Social Content Strategy:
On behalf of Brave Spark, I helped pinpoint, using big data, the overall most engaging communication lens used by competitors. This helped form a unique lensing previously untouched by all. Content received 100,000's of views and strong UGC responses.

British Airways

Trending / Syndication:
On behalf of Adjust Your Set, I helped the creatives identify the many types of Flash Mob trends that BA could implement, as well as identifying the key syndication opportunities. One of the recommendations was an orchestra flash mob. This went on to help shape an idea by the agency that received nearly 200,000 organic views for the brand.


Social Listening:
On behalf of Imagination, I mined large sets of conversational data about the Ford GT from the Detroit motor show launch. This helped to prioritise shot-listings and conversation topics about the Ford GT. Helping to hyphen press coverage and customer interest from word-go in Europe at the Milan motor show.


On behalf of Adjust Your Set, I helped identify the main Christmas search trends then later optimise all Christmas videos. The optimisations improved search traffic by as much as 54%.

Cocoon Home (UK)

Website Build / SEO:
Cocoon Home approached me to put together a strategy that would ramp-up leads online. Together we identified a very visual website that told a great story, is well optimise for all the main customer search journeys and also show off what was great about their product; colour, quality and detail.

Output Mag

Online Analytics:
I was approached by the online publisher, Output Magazine. They wanted someone to run their digital analytics for them. I bought their tracking codes up to speed, improved the scroll analytics so they could monitor content engagement rates and monitor weekly what content was working, what categories needed attention and who visitors were - by demographic.

Roope Vintage

Robert Roope was struggling to migrate from the domain Retrospecs.co.uk. I helped research the traffic trends around other relevant topics and keyword targets online. Then identified all the links to the site, ready for a full migration to a new domain I recommend - Roopevintage.com. This helped them target 'vintage' spec searches ontop of their 'retro' legacy.

Aubert & Mascoli

On behalf of Adjust Your Set, I helped Aubert & Mascoli attune their site and offering to UK 'Organic Wine' search trends, for example organic 'wine offers', people in the UK are nuts about wine offers. It's early days but the site has been optimised to improve natural traffic.

Chilham Bridal

Website Build / Paid Media / SEO:
I was approached by Chilham Bridal to setup their website, identify the top keyword targets with the most traffic online and optimise the website whilst improving the paid-for keyword targeting and cost efficiencies. The phone doesn't stop ringing so I'm told.

Adjust Your Set

Adjust Your Set drafted me in to hit the top spots in Google for 'Shoppable Video',   'Luxury Branded Content',  'Video Agency' and so forth. The strategy was to use article lists, or Listicles to improve the depth, shares and traffic of content. These ranks continue on and provide thousands of sometimes 30 minute long visits per week.

Naked Jacket

Content Marketing:
As a side interest I created a jacket blog years ago to coincide with the vast numbers of searches around celebrity jackets. The blog earns me a small monthly income and has teached me a great deal about more lucrative Content Marketing opportunities.


On behalf of Adjust Your Set I was asked to trend all the content searches people make around moving home. This helped the creative and planning teams to prioritise the most relevant themes, helping the brand to reach more searchers stuck for 'packing tips',  'who to tell',  'things to do when moving' and beyond.


Social Media:
On behalf of Adjust Your Set, I was asked to identify the main online music publisher influencers that Bacardi fans adored. After mining the data, a list of priority publishers were drawn up. This helped the team to seed content from a Bacardi event to the most addressable audience in the most natural way; improving the appeal of Bacardi amongst their strongest fans.

Thomas Pink

YouTube SEO:
On behalf of Adjust Your Set I was asked to trend the most searched for content topics relating to shirts and ties on YouTube. Skinny Knots at the time, along with how to tie a bow tie were put forward as key topic recommendations based on the volume of content searches happening. 3 years later - these are still the most watched and searched for Thomas Pink videos on YouTube.

Carphone Warehouse

Content Strategy:
On behalf of Adjust Your Set, I was asked to provide a way for Carphone Warehouse to improve content shares online. The result was a content strategy structure developed to help target each of the core 16 emotions, improving the emotional appeal and therefore the sharing of their content. Simon Wheatcroft, AKA The Blind Runner was one such result of targeting the emotional lens of "Shock".

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