The 2020 SEO Web Design Playbook

A collection of the best web design SEO techniques for Web Designers & SEOs alike

For as long as I can remember - website owners have received their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) design features from template themes, well, that or bespoke website design layouts from a developer with a heck of a lot more than SEO on their mind!

This latest playbook is based on ten years worth of SEO design experience. It is a chance to update web designers who are potentially in a position where they need to know the latest advanced SEO techniques, whatever the journey or landing page. Hopefully this playbook can inspire more SEOs to push the boundaries of what SEO design items they are recommending to apply tastefully within ultra design focused website development processes. Here's what's contained:

Overall Content Structural Suggestions

It's not enough to leave content merely to a blog or just 200 words. Content is way too big an item in SEO to leave to a bloated blog or hidden side container. Today, Google demands endless 100 word answers to questions for it's featured snippets. Equally, tools such as calculators go a long way to prove your expertise and usefulness online - these are key elements in modern SEO, and so far as structuring a website it is essential to think about the many variations of content journeys that Google needs.

content seo design

Navigation SEO Design

It is important not to overly bloat main website navigations, this is to aid the flow of authority given by Googlebot to major category pages. It is these major category pages that then sequence a lower distribution of authority to tier-2 subcategory pages. Too many links in navigations can flatten authorities across a website - and this can starve priority journeys from top ranks. Key pages deeper in the site should also be supported within navigations as a breakout, or a boxout navigation feature. This is to benefit pages that do well in search for conversion or the creation of search traffic volume, but aren't tier-1 major pages in themselves.

navigation menu seo design

Article Design SEO

A well performing article is no longer one-dimensional. Both from an SEO and design perspective it is no longer just about copy, headers and bylines (if you're lucky!). Today it is wise to push beyond one thousand words, but to do that you need improve the navigation features of articles, e.g. Html anchors. Sales language today in content is not only a turn-off for users - it is also algorithmically detected by search engines, and can therefore reduce ranks. So keeping the bulk of call-to-actions or sales chat out of articles is wise.

article seo design

Product Page SEO

Often the true demand and desire of a product is never fully satisfied unless the product searches are fully understood and researched by an SEO. Sizes, colours, styles, and language alternatives make for compelling reasons to stretch your product listings, and take advantage an an SEO's ability to identify these patterns to then respond to. Whilst doing so it is important to apply product schemas, as many multimedia items as you can scale. Cleverly formed trust signals and supportive content also reduces exits back to search engines which is something detected by Google.

product page seo design

eCommerce Category Page SEO Design

A long list of products and some text at the bottom doesn't cut it in SEO anymore. Especially seeing as though category pages allow eCommerce retailers to often target way bigger search phrases than maybe understood. Using category pages as gateway pages to other sub-categories is wise too. This is to improve internal link sculpturing. It is advised to provide (then manage) faceted navigation options as well, if only to improve the very revenues you obtain from search traffic. It is no use doing SEO for the sake of search engines alone!

category page seo design

FAQ Content SEO Design

Answering questions has become a key functionality of modern search engines. One hundred word answer FAQs or five row bulletpoints have therefore become very popular within Google search results. Answering wider sector FAQs also increases the traffic volumes that you are targeting. It is very wise to deploy schemas such as the FAQ-schema to increase your search result size and visibility.

faq section seo design

Local SEO Page Design

Local SEO gives a vital chance for businesses to scale their SEO geographically, but so many fail to vary their local landing pages in order to deliver unique experiences for each local area. As a result Google often ignores local pages that duplicate.

local page seo design

Service Page SEO Design

Being uder topical, trustworthy in service and instance is key to holding and converting an audience on service pages, one audience member that is particularly important is of course a search engine bot. So looking out for ways to improve content quality should improve the success of a service page in Google.

service seo design

Footer SEO Design

You can't today rely on sitewide links from a footer to help with your SEO. Google tends to pay less attention to high volumes of duplications in links. It is however a signal and an important UX feature all the same, so continue to link to key pages only.

footer seo design

For More Information

This online playbook is just a summary of design SEO items. It is not meant to get too detailed. However, if you would like more detail then Matt is available for design SEO commentary, speaker slots, team training, agency consultancy, monthly retainers - or merely a free chinwag over the phone. Here is how to get in touch with Matt below:

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